Eng. Opsoclonus
Serie de sacudidas multidireccionales de amplitud variable, irregulares, repetidas y caóticas indicativas de lesión cerebelosa.
- Opsoclonía.

Diccionario de oftalmología. . 2011.

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  • Opsoclonus — Classification and external resources ICD 9 379.59 Opsoclonus refers to uncontrolled eye movement. Opsoclonus consists of rapid, involuntary, multivectorial (horizontal and vertical), unpredictable, conjugate fast eye movements without… …   Wikipedia

  • opsoclonus — Rapid, irregular, nonrhythmic movements of the eye in horizontal and vertical directions. [G. ops, opos, eye, + klonos, confused motion] * * * n. a series of erratic eye movements in any direction, which is seen in people with disease of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • opsoclonus — n. a series of erratic eye movements, resembling a large amplitude fast nystagmus and developing spontaneously, that is seen in people with disease of the cerebellum or other parts of the brain …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome — Classification and external resources DiseasesDB 31932 Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS) is a rare neurological disorder of unknown causes which appears to be the result of an autoimmune process involving the nervous system. It is an extremely… …   Wikipedia

  • opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome — a syndrome of movements of the eyes (opsoclonus) and trunk (myoclonus), occurring in conjunction with a number of conditions, including viral infections, trauma, drug toxicity, tumors, and hyperosmolar nonketotic coma. It also occurs as a… …   Medical dictionary

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  • opsoclonus-myoclonus — see under syndrome …   Medical dictionary

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  • опсоклонус — (opsoclonus; греч. ops глаз + клонус; син.: миоклонус глазной, синдром пляшущих глаз) гиперкинез глазных яблок в виде содружественных быстрых, нерегулярных, неравномерных по амплитуде их движений, обычно в горизонтальной плоскости, наиболее… …   Большой медицинский словарь

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