fascia bulbi

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  • Fascia — A flat band of tissue below the skin that covers underlying tissues and separates different layers of tissue. Fascia encloses muscles. Inflammation of the fascia is referred to as fasciitis. Fascia is the Latin word for band or bandage. * * * A… …   Medical dictionary

  • fascia of Tenon — vagina bulbi …   Medical dictionary

  • vagina bulbi — [TA] sheath of eyeball: connective tissue that forms the capsule enclosing the posterior part of the eyeball, extending anteriorly to the conjunctival fornix, and continuous with the muscular fascia of the eye; called also bulbar fascia, bulbar… …   Medical dictionary

  • Tenon capsule (fascia membrane) space — Te·non capsule (fascia, membrane), space (tə nawґ) [Jacques Renй Tenon, French surgeon, 1724–1816] see vagina bulbi and spatium intervaginale …   Medical dictionary

  • bulbar fascia — vagina bulbi …   Medical dictionary

  • lacertus musculi recti lateralis bulbi — [TA] check ligament of lateral rectus muscle: an extension from the fascia covering the lateral rectus muscle, attaching to the orbital tubercle of the zygomatic bone and limiting the action of the muscle; called also lateral check ligament …   Medical dictionary

  • sheath — 1. Any enveloping structure, such as the membranous covering of a muscle, nerve, or blood vessel. Any sheathlike structure. SYN: vagina (1). 2. The prepuce of male animals, especially of the horse. 3. A specially designed tu …   Medical dictionary

  • Tenon's capsule — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 227 GrayPage = 1024 Caption = The right eye in sagittal section, showing the fascia bulbi (semidiagrammatic). Caption2 = System = Precursor = MeshName = MeshNumber = DorlandsPre = t 04… …   Wikipedia

  • Влага́лище глазно́го я́блока — [vagina bulbi, PNA; fascia bulbi (Tenoni), BNA; capsula bulbi, JNA] см. Vagina bulbi …   Медицинская энциклопедия

  • влагалище глазного яблока — (vagina bulbi, PNA; fascia bulbi (Tenoni), BNA; capsula bulbi, JNA) см. Перечень анат. терминов …   Большой медицинский словарь

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