Eng. Hidradenoma
Tumoración benigna de glándulas sudoríparas.

Diccionario de oftalmología. . 2011.

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  • hidradenoma — A benign neoplasm derived from epithelial cells of sweat glands. SYN: hydradenoma. [G. hidros, sweat, + aden, gland, + oma, tumor] clear cell h. a tumor derived from eccrine sweat gland …   Medical dictionary

  • hidradenoma papilliferum — hidradenoma pa·pil·li·fer·um .pap i lə fer əm n a benign solitary tumor of adult women that occurs in the anogenital region …   Medical dictionary

  • eruptive hidradenoma — hidradenoma eruptivum see under syringoma …   Medical dictionary

  • papillary hidradenoma — hidradenoma papilliferum a usually solitary, firm, nodular, and well circumscribed adenoma originating in the apocrine sweat glands and occurring in the vulva or anal region in adult women; it is characterized by a central cystic space into which …   Medical dictionary

  • Papillary hidradenoma — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = DiseasesDB = ICD10 = ICD9 = ICDO = 8405/0 OMIM = MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = eMedicineTopic = MeshID = A Papillary hidradenoma is a sharply circumscribed nodule of ectopic breast tissue usually found on …   Wikipedia

  • clear cell hidradenoma — a usually solitary, well circumscribed, nodular, solid or cystic adenoma originating in the eccrine sweat glands in middle aged or older women; it is characterized histologically by large, glycogen rich clear cells. Called also eccrine… …   Medical dictionary

  • nodular hidradenoma — clear cell h …   Medical dictionary

  • solid-cystic hidradenoma — clear cell h …   Medical dictionary

  • sweat gland adenoma — hidradenoma …   Medical dictionary

  • sweat gland hamartoma — hidradenoma …   Medical dictionary

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