área de Panum

Eng. Panum's area

Diccionario de oftalmología. . 2011.

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  • área de fusión — Eng. Fusion area Área de la retina de un ojo tal que al estimular cualquiera de los puntos que la forman simultáneamente con otro punto en el otro ojo da lugar a una percepción única. Área de Panum …   Diccionario de oftalmología

  • area — 1. [TA] Any circumscribed surface or space. 2. All of the part supplied by a given artery or nerve. 3. A part of an organ having a special function, as the motor a. of the brain. SEE ALSO …   Medical dictionary

  • Panum area — Pa·num area (pahґnoom) [Peter Ludwig Panum, Danish physiologist, 1820–1885] see under area …   Medical dictionary

  • Panum area — the area on the retina of one eye over which a point sized image can range and still provide a stereoscopic image with a specific point of stimulus on the retina of the other eye. Called also fusion a …   Medical dictionary

  • Panum — Peter L., Danish physiologist, 1820–1885. See P. area …   Medical dictionary

  • fusion area — Panum a …   Medical dictionary

  • Peter Ludvig Panum — (December 19, 1820 May 2, 1885) was a Danish physiologist and pathologist. He was a professor at the University of Kiel (1853 1864), and afterwards a professor of physiology at the University of Copenhagen. The Panum Institute in Copenhagen is… …   Wikipedia

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